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6. The university network. Networks of universities, cooperation. Limits and opportunities.

University networking experiences have begun to establish a web of relationships between institutions that takes on diverse forms depending on the objectives and cultural backgrounds of the different participants.
In the social, political and economic conditions imposed by contemporary society, the university is undergoing a profound transformation of its structures. In this context, participating in networks could become a stregthening element.

As early as 2009, the World Conference on Higher Education emphasized the need for institutions to participate in networks and exchange under the assumption that it would contribute to mutual understanding and international cooperation through mechanisms supporting multilateral and multicultural collaboration. Thus, it would also help to build networks for excellence in research, teaching and community service that are sustainable over time.
The proposals by international organizations may be somewhat idyllic, seeing as the various experiences have shown that the buiding networks are not easy. Tension exists to the extent that the inter-play of collaboration involves competition for status and position. In this regard, networks could become partnerships that help maintain positions of power in academia.
One of the assumptions underlying government proposals is the homogenization of conditions, problems and conflicts. Moreover, the coexistence of academic cultures conditioned by unequal social, historical and economic processes highlight the need for different ways of understanding the university.
Despite these difficulties, could it be that university networking experiences are shaping a future scenario where we work together to find common solutions to emerging problems?