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4. Teaching in the contemporary university: experiences and trends in devices and environments

This theme includes projects that explore the possibilities and limits of digital media for teaching and learning at university. Technological advances in areas such as augmented reality or the use of mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), can provide new options in didactic terms like the so-called Mobile Learning. At the same time, the massive spread of social networking is changing e-learning applications and the very way in which university students access knowledge. These changes are encompassed under terms such as connectivism, informal learning, digital portfolios, Personal Learning Environment (PLE) or Personal Learning Network (PLN). The same can be said of the educational application of video games in trends such as Gamification, and Serious Games, or phenomena such as Flipped Classrooms, the Khan Academy, and the MOOC (Massive online open course) experience. Our intention is to analyze the innovative nature of the experiences and research presented by considering how new media are included in teaching proposals and how they relate to the characteristics of the knowledge to be taught as well as the target students.